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Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans

Remove heat and moisture, reduce energy usage, protect your home and roof and reduce premature aging of roof shingles with the addition of a roof or gable-mounted Solar Attic Fan.

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Tubular Skylights

Skylight Tubes

Add clean natural light to any room in your house while also enhancing the appearance of your roofline with our low-profile Skylight Tubes.

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Solar Attic Fan and Skylight Tube Accessories


A full line of product accessories, including the Solar Controller which allows for after-dark operation of our roof and gable-mounted Solar Attic Fans.

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Solar Controller for Attic Fans

Power your fan after dark

Solar Controller

The addition of the Solar Controller with Dual Mode Technology will enable your Solar Powered Attic Fan to run after sunset or when there is no light available from the sun.

When there is no sunlight available to power the fan and the Solar Controller has the optional house power connection enabled, the Solar Controller will cycle house electricity for 15 on, 15 minutes off every half-hour in order to power the fan. This will allow your attic temperature to continue to drop after sunset and help remove the hot, stagnant air that can build up on those warm summer evenings.

Solar Controller

Award winning products

Solar Attic Fans from US Sunlight have won multiple awards from industry professionals including: “Best of Show” out of over 100,000 products at 2011 National Hardware Show, “Best Sustainable Product of 2011” by BUILDERnews, and “Hot 50 Product of 2013” by Green Builder media

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Award-winning Solar Attic Fans

Skylight Tubes

Luminant Skylight Tubes

Direct clean, natural daylight and tunnel it to just about any location in your home or business with the low-profile, square dome Luminant Skylight Tube

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Solar Attic Fans & Accessories

Skylight Tubes & Accessories