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Spectrum Skylight Tube 21"

Low-profile square dome Skylight Tube brings in all the benefits of natural light without the heat or cold and includes optional passive ventilation!


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Product Features

Exclusive patented ventilation-capable daylighting in a choice of three residential and commercial sizes

Hail-resistant upgraded acrylic square roof domes provides 91% light transmission and a 264 lb. live load capacity

Installs easily almost anywhere. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours and a do-it-yourselfer in an afternoon. For U.S. Sunlight recommended preferred installers, call 1-866-446-0966

Clean natural sunlight anywhere you need it

Lights up any dark hallway, corner, closet, etc. where traditional skylights do not fit

Tested for Severe Weather

Product Information


Capture light above your roof and tunnel it to just about any location in your house

Skylight Tube

Direct clean, natural daylight and tunnel it to just about any location in your home or business with the low-profile, square dome Spectrum Skylight Tube - the first, patented Skylight Tube offering a passive ventilation option.

  • 21 inch roof dome
  • Includes patented ventilation kit
  • Perfect for homes, offices, warehouses, garages, and commercial applications
  • Easy installation – Step-by-step video available
  • Includes 12 feet of flexible tubing
  • Low-profile, square roof dome – Excellent for the front and back of the home
  • Impact-resistant roof lens – Hail resistant and capable of carrying a live load of over 260 lbs
Skylight Tube Ventilation

Exclusive, industry first, patented ventilation kit – add or remove ventilation feature in only seconds!

With its elegant design, the Spectrum series will allow you to easily enable the ventilation option and just as easily disable it to create an air-tight non-ventilating, daylighting-only Skylight Tube. Our ventilation kit is included with every Spectrum Skylight Tube.

  • Easy to enable and disable
  • Ventilate heat, odors, and moisture
  • Air ventilates through the tube and out the roof dome

Ventilation when you want it, energy efficiency when you need it

Our Spectrum Series ventilation kit is completely optional and easily enabled! The ceiling lens ventilation configuration can be easily converted from a ventilated system to a sealed, energy efficient, non-ventilated daylight-only system. By simply removing the spacer magnets on the ceiling lens, you can enable or disable the ventilation option in only seconds.

Simply add the spacer magnets to the ceiling lens to convert your non-ventilated, energy efficient Skylight Tube to a passive ventilator. This addition takes only seconds to complete and is easily reversible at any time.

Optional Skylight Tube Ventilation

Skylight Tube

Use the roof dome ventilation tabs at installation to be able to have both energy efficient daylighting and passive ventilation whenever desired.

Once the roof dome's ventilating tabs are installed, the Spectrum Skylight Tube can switch from energy efficient natural lighting to a natural light with passive ventilation. Simply install the spacer magnets tat the ceiling lens to get the additional benefits of passive ventilation.

Skylight Tube

Keep rain and snow out while keeping heat in

Skylight Tube

The thoughtfully designed Spectrum series is designed to withstand most weather conditions. Even with the ventilation tabs installed on your roof dome, you can be confident that your Skylight Tube is weather-resistant in most rain, snow, and hail conditions.

Cost-effective compared to traditional skylights many times its size

From product purchase to installation, Skylight Tubes are an easy and less expensive solution for your home’s daylighting requirements compared to traditional skylights and roof windows.

Easy and Versatile installation options

No reframing or major structural alterations are necessary to install a Skylight Tube. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours and a do-it-yourselfer, in an afternoon.

With its extended 12 foot flexible tubing, a Skylight Tube can be installed just about anywhere.

Skylight Tube

Benefits of natural light

The benefits of pure natural light have been proven in studies throughout the years. Clean natural light enhances mood, mental and physical well-being, concentration, and overall energy. It’s easier on the eyes and enhances the appeal and decor of any room in your house.

Severe Weather Tested

Severe Weather Tested

Our entire lineup of Skylight Tubes has been tested for severe weather and all feature hail resistant polycarbonate or upgraded acrylic roof domes. Spectrum Skylight Tubes have been tested for severe weather and are capable of withstanding a live load of over 260 lbs.
Skylight Tube Low-Profile Dome

Maintenance-free dome and flashing

Once installed, the Skylight Tube requires no maintenance. The high impact-resistant, upgraded acrylic comes standard and is engineered to repel dirt and other debris.

Optional Light Kit Accessory

With the optional Light Kit for Spectrum Skylight Tubes, the Skylight Tube is able to encompass the best of both worlds: natural light during the day and house powered light at night.

By utilizing the sun’s natural light during the day, homeowners are still benefiting from the remarkable powers of the sun’s invigorating energy, and yet they are still able to use the same fixture into the evening with the optional Light Kit, giving them a true win-win situation.

Skylight Tube

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