Recently, solar powered attic fans have gained broad appeal as an effective tool in proper attic ventilation and, supported by teams of excellent customer representatives and an expanding dealer network, U.S. Sunlight Corporation has arisen as a leader in the industry.

However, since the launch of the first solar powered attic fan, consumers have been asking the same questions; “Will it run at night?” “How do I know if it’s running?”

With thousands of Solar Powered Fans sold since its founding in 2008, U.S. Sunlight Corporation has now also answered these plaguing questions with the introduction of the Solar Controller with Dual Mode Technology.


What is the Solar Controller?

In short, it’s a controller that intelligently controls the solar fan operation. It has a built-in humidistat and temperature sensor to monitor the attic environment and optimize fan operation. The best part is - its optional power adapter gives users the choice to connect house electricity to the fan when solar is not available. For up to 6 hours of operation after sunlight is no longer available, the Solar Controller’s smart logic enables the fan to run after dark in an 8-min ON, 22-min OFF cycle every 30 minutes. Attic Ventilation can continue into the evening, and the operating cost for the Solar Controller is less than $5 per year. This is the perfect solution to continue attic ventilation after the sun has set or on cloudy, humid days.

“The Solar Controller is the first real advancement in the solar attic fan industry since its inception. For the first time, this product will allow the homeowner take true control of their attic ventilation,” said Geoff Foreman, CEO of U.S. Sunlight Corp.


Now you know it is running

The Solar Controller also comes with a remote control unit that allows homeowners to check the fan’s operating status from any room in their house. Additionally, consumers will be able to display current temperature and humidity conditions in their attic—all at the push of a button. Find out more at, or call 877-50-USSUN.