Stock Development is known throughout Southwest Florida for their dynamic and innovative development in the home building market. Recipients of numerous awards over the years, including but not limited to “Community of the Year”, “Builder of the Year”, and “Developer of the Year”, Stock Development strives to give their customers the very best home and lifestyle experience possible in Southwest Florida.

As Stock Development strives to continually offer their customers the best homes possible, they are always looking for options to offer their customers that that they believe will improve the quality and comfort of their homes and lifestyles. As part of this philosophy, Stock Development has reached out to U.S. Sunlight Corporation, a manufacturer of solar attic fans and the revolutionary new Solar Controller™, to now offer credible solar attic ventilation products as an option for homeowners designing their new home.

Stock Development understands the value of active attic ventilation as an imperative element of a home: assisting in the home’s overall energy efficiency by preventing the battle between attic heat and air conditioning, prolonging the life of the roof, and making a significant reduction in mold and mildew. With this knowledge, Stock Development has chosen U.S. Sunlight solar attic ventilation products due to their superb quality, warranty, and innovation and the necessity for a product such as this in the hot, humid Florida climate. Solar attic ventilation has become increasingly popular over the years as a free energy alternative to electric attic fans due to the operating expenses incurred by electric powered fans, easily costing up to $30 a month to operate. In addition, with the introduction of the Solar Controller™, solar attic ventilation is no longer limited to only daytime operation. The Attic Fan, with the addition of the Solar Controller™, can now continue operation into the evening as the day’s heat still lingers in the attic.

What does the Solar Controller™ do? U.S. Sunlight Corporation has developed the Solar Controller™, an innovative new device that works in compliance with any of their solar attic ventilation products, as a solution to home owners’ requests for solar attic ventilation to be able to run when solar power is unavailable. The Solar Controller™ offers the option to connect the attic fan to house power when it detects solar power is unavailable, allowing the fan to continue operation on an intermittent cycle using minimal electricity into the evening, with an operation cost of less than $5 per year.

Contact Stock Development ( at 239-592-7344 to begin designing your new dream home, with a Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller™ from U.S. Sunlight, rounding out the quality of home and lifestyle you can expect from your new Stock Development home. U.S. Sunlight Corp designs and manufactures products that make it possible for all homeowners to participate in the exploding trend in alternative energies. Visit us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.