Introducing our new technology - The Smooth-air deflector 
The patent pending Smooth-air Deflector design reduces air resistance, providing a smoother air exhaust passage and increasing the overall volume of air movement. This innovative design is revolutionary and first in the industry. The 9915TR’s ventilation capacity measures 1750 square feet, a dramatic 30% increase from our previous model.

“US Sunlight is committed to delivering world class services and products.  In order to continually meet the demands of the market, our engineers are working closely with our customers to deliver an exciting line up of products to meet the needs of the market for years to come.  Our new 9915TR uses our new patented technology to produce the highest performance of its class,” said Robert Buckley, President of U.S. Sunlight Corporation.

Enhancing the commercial grade unit with a 15 Watt solar panel 
The 9915TR increases power to the motor with a 15 watt solar panel, allowing consumers to take further advantage of the abundant supply of solar energy to help cool their attics and homes.

"You can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy usage. Installing one or more Solar Powered Attic Fans provides you with year-round ventilation that will keep your attic cooler in the summer and help prevent mold and mildew in the winter. Your air conditioner will run less and the life of your roof will be extended—both great energy savers," said Gareth Yiu, Marketing Manager of U.S. Sunlight Corporation.

Go GREEN and Save - Limited time offer 
The 9915TR is available for limited time at a special introductory price.  Interested parties can contact U.S. Sunlight Corporation directly for detailed information package on our new 9915TR.

Alternative Energy for Everyday Life - U.S. Sunlight Corporation designs and manufactures cutting edge solar products.  Its Solar Powered Attic Fans, and Solar Powered All Purpose Ventilators use no electricity and cost nothing to operate.  For more information on U.S. Sunlight Corporation, please visit or call toll free 877-50-USSUN.