“Our company is committed to providing innovative, reliable products at the lowest possible price to our customers,” said Geoff Foreman, CEO of U.S. Sunlight.  “At a retail price of $399, and with the numerous utility company incentives that are available; we believe we have developed a great value and superior solar product.  With an IRS rebate of up to 30% of your purchase price, tax and professional installation, our fan is within reach of any homeowner wanting to save money and “go green” by conserving energy all year-round.”

The fan uses no electricity and lowers energy cost in the summer by expelling hot air from home attics, and pulling cooler air in from the outside.  In addition, the fan circulates air during the winter removing damaging moisture which can cause buildup of unhealthy mold and mildew.  The fan’s thermal switch will automatically turn the fan off when the outside temperature drops below a preset level; retaining warm attic air and preserving the homes heat.  Due to its unique design, the solar panel can be tilted and rotated for the optimum angle towards the sun – maximizing the power of the fan.  A single fan can ventilate up to 1,250 square feet of attic space.

About U.S. Sunlight Corp
US Sunlight Corporation is redefining the solar power attic fan technology by designing and manufacturing cutting edge products that make it possible for all homeowners to participate in the exploding trend to alternative energy with innovative technology.  The company is focused on “Alternative Energy for Everyday Life”.  For more information on US Sunlight Corporation or The Solar Powered Attic Fan, please visit www.ussunlight.com or call toll free 866-446-0966.