Life Church of Concord, California and John Moser from Diablo Integrated Construction & Solar saw the value of the All Purpose Ventilator as an effective ventilation option without the dependency on unreliable electricity.

Life Church began construction April 10, 2012 on a home for the Perez family – one widowed grandmother, a single mother and two young children. The Perez family was living in dire circumstances, calling a patch of uneven dirt surrounded by pallets with a tarp for the roof as “home”. After being chosen from a list of families in need, Life Church commenced construction of a 640 square foot, 2 story gift for the Perez family, a house to call their own. With the main sleeping quarters on the second floor and unreliable electricity, John Moser, owner of Diablo Integrated Construction & Solar, felt the All Purpose Ventilator was the perfect solution to help keep the sleeping area well ventilated while harnessing the abundant power of the sun.

As many customers have found the benefits of the All Purpose Ventilator with its capability of diverse applications, U.S. Sunlight has expanded on its All Purpose Ventilator product line, now including a high output 15 watt All Purpose Ventilator – the 1015APV capable of ventilating up to 1900 square feet.

President of U.S. Sunlight Corp, Robert Buckley, comments, “ We are honored to hear of John Moser’s decision to use our product in such a noble cause. As we have begun communicating more with customers in other countries, we look forward to bringing the benefit of active ventilation to warm climate areas with unreliable electricity. With the introduction of the 1015APV, our new 15 watt All Purpose Ventilator, we expect to reach out to more of the global community and anybody looking to benefit from active ventilation.”

The All Purpose Ventilators from U.S. Sunlight Corp, 9910APV, 1010APV and the 1015APV are powered entirely with free solar energy – cooling your home for free! Also compatible with U.S. Sunlight’s Solar Controller™, customers now have the ability to monitor the humidity and temperature in the ventilated space as well as the fan’s operating status. For those hot, muggy summer nights, plug the Solar Controller into a power outlet to continue fan operation into the evening, using a minimal draw of electricity.


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U.S. Sunlight Corp strives to provide “Alternative Energy for Everyday Life,” by designing and manufacturing innovative solar and green products to save money for the homeowner. Introduced in January of 2011, the Solar Controller has taken the home improvement industry by storm, receiving laudable praise from homeowners and industry experts alike. Homeowners now have the ability to add these additional benefits to their U.S. Sunlight attic ventilation products:


  • An option to utilize house electricity along with solar power, enabling the attic fan to run after sunset or when solar power is not available.
  • Monitoring attic fan’s operating status, attic temperature and attic humidity from the Solar Controller remote’s LED screen, simply by pressing a single button on the remote.


With over 100,000 products in the 2011 National Hardware Show, our Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller caught the attention of retailers, media, and trade professionals, and won the Best of Show awards.


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