U.S. Sunlight’s Solar Attic Fans have already pushed the marketplace forward with innovations in design, quality, and manufacturing, however, the introduction of the Solar Controller has taken the product line beyond the level of a solar roof ventilation product and into the realm of an intelligent high-tech home improvement product that enables homeowners to simply and affordably introduce alternative energy to their homes.

This innovation got the attention of the management team of Eberly & Collard Public Relations. Tasked to find the products that rose above the crowd, the Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller combination instantly caught their eye and earned their vote.

About the Solar Powered Attic Fan

The Solar Attic Fan by U.S. Sunlight was chosen over all the other solar attic ventilation products due to its superior quality and innovation. Active attic ventilation has gained popular respect as an imperative home improvement to reduce air conditioning needs in the summer, reduce condensation and prevent mold and mildew in the winter and extend the life of shingles and roof sheathing year round. Offering a commercial grade, heavy duty construction designed to last, 25% more power than other solar fans on the market , one of the best warranties in the industry and installation and technical support with superior customer service, the Solar Attic Fan is affordable, and a quick return on investment.

About the Solar Controller

The Solar Controller is an innovative new device in the attic ventilation industry, offering solutions most homeowners have been requesting to improve their solar attic ventilation system. The Solar Controller is an intelligently simple device, allowing homeowners to extend their Solar Attic Fan run-time into the evening if they choose to connect it to house electricity, therefore purging the attic of excess heat build-up even after the sun goes down. With its standard installation, the Solar Controller allows the homeowner to monitor the attic temperature and humidity as well as Solar Attic Fan status with its handheld remote, giving them peace of mind their attic is well ventilated.


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